Homemade Hummus (v)

The last time I made hummus it was a total disaster. The garlic was raw and in big lumps, the lemon not lemony enough and tahini was just yuk!. That was five years ago and I have relied on shop bought ever since.

ChickpeasBut, all shop bought things must come to and end and the other day I thought that I really should not let one bad experience put me off so I started thinking about what went wrong last time, and what I could do to make it a better experience so off I popped to Beanies to make some purchases. Beanies is a little whole food shop in Sheffield, handily close to work and even more handily the seller of everything to make (what turned out to be) an excellent hummus.

Now, unlike last time, I didn’t just throw everything in to the blender, press “whizz” and hope for the best. I did it a bit at a time and adopted the attitude of “once it’s in, it ain’t comin’ out”. As there is no way I am heating the oven for one bulb of garlic, I roasted it with this evenings dinner and set it to one side until I was ready to use it and then simply separated the cloves and pushed the soft, cooked garlic out of its skin with the back of a knife.

HummusHow To: Put the lemon juice and light tahini in a blender and blend until it is thick. Add the chickpeas, blend again. Add the roast garlic, blend again. Add the olive oil a tablespoon at a time blending continuously, add half the salt and then stop.

Taste the hummus and make your own adjustments. At this point I put in the rest of the salt and a little of the fleshy part of the lemon and blended it again. I continued with the lemon until it was to my taste. I reckon that I used about a quarter to half of the flesh. Sprinkle over a bit of smoked paprika. Serve.

  • 330g of chickpeas (canned and drained)
  • 2 tablespoons of light Tahini
  • The juice of a lemon, some of the fleshy, fruit bit and none of the pips
  • Half a bulb of roast garlic
  • 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • A teaspoon of sea salt
  • A little smoked paprika to season

The result – beautiful, creamy, thick hummus that will sit in my organic pitta bread  with a carrot and cucumber salad for lunch tomorrow perfectly.

Suitable for Vegans.


  • I used light Tahini, if using regular then add maybe a tablespoon at a time as the taste is a little stronger.
  • Weight out your chickpeas once you have drained them. The can I bought was 440g net with a drained weight of 240g. In reality when I weighed them there was 330g drained weight of peas. and hardly any water. This recipe is based on 330g, if you get less then please add your other ingredients a little at a time to avoid spoiling the recipe.


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