The New Kitchen Garden

Today I picked up a thread on Facebook that genuinely warmed my heart. Mark Diacono of Otter Farm has written a new book, a kind of kitchen garden bible if you will. It is rather unusually being offered at three prices; £22 (rrp), £17 (the cost to Otter Farm), or possibly even for free.

FREE, I hear you yell. Nothing EVER comes for free. Well, I am here to pass the message on that today it might. If you are low income family, a charity or community group and feel the book would benefit you, you are invited to forward your details to Mark and you may just find a book coming your way. The aim of this is that hopefully, the folk of the food growing community who can afford to pay the full price will and allow others who can’t to enjoy the book for less of a price (or even for nothing). All that is asked of you is that you share the book around.

It may be just a book, rather than a free food parcel or bag of donated clothes but it could well be a resource that will help a community group, budding good lifers, or charity grow fresh food to benefit both their health and their wellbeing.

The New Kitchen Garden is available now from the Otter Farm Online Shop. 

I am in no way affiliated to Otter Farm, it just really liked the ethos of this offer and I genuinely hope that this book will benefit all food growers, regardless of their income or the size of their plot. I have treated myself to a copy and will forfeit my weekend wine pennies to cover the cost.

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