Dressed Crab on Rye with Asparagus

I would like to say “now that summer has arrived” but, this being the UK and the unpredictable weather makes it very hard to claim summer has ever arrived, I will just leave it as “it has felt like summer had arrived today”.

As summer feels to arrive, so does the expectation of an alfresco lunch. If I lived in a more Mediterranean climate I probably wouldn’t rush down the garden, plate and cutlery in hand as quick as a flash as I would be confident in the weather being the same day after day for months and missing a day would not matter. But not here. This is Yorkshire and when the sun shines, we get outside.

Each Thursday I have an organic vegetable box delivery and in today’s box of delight was, amongst other things, a bundle of fresh asparagus. I love asparagus simply cooked for a few moments in boiling water and dressed with salt and lemon or a light garlic butter and todays bundle was just calling out to be cooked and served alfresco with one of the other delights that I had purchased this morning. A fresh, dressed crab.

Dressed Crab

Dressed Crab

I adore crab, it is absolutely my favourite shell fish. I never buy just the white meat, as I think that the soft brown meat when dressed properly is just as tasty, if not more so. It spreads like pate on bread and is delicious stirred over steaming hot pasta and dressed with some fresh basil and parmesan. This dish is so simple, so quick and so tasty. Serves two.

  • One dressed crab
  • Two slices of rye bread
  • A bundle of asparagus
  • Sea salt
  • Lemon

Bring a small pan of water to the boil, cut the woody ends off the asparagus and drop in to the water. Cook for two minutes. Drain the water away.

Mix the white and brown meat of the crab together and spread generously onto the rye bread.

Along side the crab and rye, arrange the asparagus. Squeeze over a little lemon and sprinkle with salt.

Tuck in.

Crab on Rye with Asparagus

Crab on Rye with Asparagus

One thought on “Dressed Crab on Rye with Asparagus

  1. Poor defenceless crab, dispatched for your delectation…
    with a little bit of lemon and asparagus, now broadcast across the nation….
    Looks yummy. Shame me no dig the crab!

    Liked by 1 person

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