An Enchanting New Year

It barely seems like a moment ago since we were welcoming in the new millennium and yet here we are in twenty sixteen. It has been a soggy start to the year on account of the torrential rain we have been experiencing in recent weeks and while the spring bulbs are confused enough by the unseasonably warm weather and have begun pushing their heads northwards, it am under no such illusion and happy to remain firmly inside, enjoying my Christmas gifts.

Earlier in the week I read that Amazon’s number one best-selling adult stocking filler was adult colouring books. Not a saucy as they sound from their title, they are proven to be a great stress reliever. I was lucky Harry Potter and the Philophosers Stoneenough to receive one in my Christmas stocking along with a rainbow of coloured pencils. With an Enchanted Forest theme, it is tapping in to my inner wizard – currently being fueled by a beautiful box set of Harry Potter books.  I love the boy wizard, and as my son is getting to the age where he is taking an interest I decide to do my homework and reread the whole series. I love the idea of a magical world hidden from ours while existing alongside it. Of shops selling wands, magical creatures, banks run by goblins and people dressed in long gowns, cloaks and hats.

For me the wizarding world that J K Rowling created has the same literary hold for me as Jane Austen does for others. I marvel at her attention to detail, her imagination and her ability to create a story so marvelously magical yet so tragic that sometimes it is hard to remember it was created for children. I have yet to encounter any giant spiders or unicorns in my Enchanted Forest but I am sure they are there somewhere, lurking around the back of a mossy bank or peaking round the trunk of an ancient tree. You just have to close your eyes and imagine it.



2 thoughts on “An Enchanting New Year

  1. I got the same coloring book! I like the look of your colored pencils, I’m using a collection that includes stuff from when I was a kid! My trouble with the book is I have to hide it from the kids- they have a million coloring books, this one is mine!!!

    Happy New Year!

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