Evening Asanas


Each evening I have a half hour (at least) dedicated to practicing yoga. It has become part of my daily routine. No matter what my work day or my evening has thrown at me or how scattered my mind is, the moment I roll open my mat, plant my feet, roll my shoulders back in Mountain Pose,  take that first inhalation, it all goes away. My mind becomes calm and the only focus I have is on my breath and my pose. I sometimes play soft music in the background, or maybe a bell that sounds every two minutes or sometimes I just open the door and practice to the sound of the wind and the rain. Sometimes I practice in silence.

Since beginning the Mindfulness course, I have been surprised how much of the course I can relate to and how I have identified how my own ego has been responsible in recent years for many conflicts. Ego within the context of Mindfulness refers to the minds ability to allow the need to be right take over, be judgmental and create dramas from past events or even those that have not yet happened. By learning to recognise when the ego is trying to take over, accepting it (and even giving it a name), and then letting it go can minimise conflict and stress on both the aggressor and the receiver. I am slowly learning that past events need not manifest themselves in to future troubles.

Yoga really helps me with my process of Mindfulness. When I decided to study Mindfulness, my partner called it a load of “hippy crap”. However, even he is starting to see how being mindful is helping not just my own scattered mind, but our relationship. The practice of yoga, being present in the moment, taking time from the every day rush of life – work, phones, social media – is probably one of the best steps I have ever taken for both my own physical and mental health.


I am obsessed. In love. Totally smitten. Yoga, you have captured me.


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