Make Someone Smile


The automatic doors at the arrivals gate at Manchester airport opened and closed, delivering lone travellers, friends and families back to their loved ones excitedly awaiting their arrival. People that perhaps had never met each other before but had spent hours on a plane chatting said their goodbyes, probably never to see each other again. Even those being met by a taxi service had someone waiting.

I stood, eyes on those three doors waiting for my son to emerge. Each time they opened I felt my hope growing and each time they closed I brought my eyes back to the arrivals board as if it was going to tell me exactly where he was. The time ticked on by and no son. It felt like forever but at last he ran through all smiles and threw himself at me, almost knocking me to the floor. He was back, happy and safe and I was the reason that he was smiling.


What seems like a small gesture to you may be the source of huge gratitude to someone else. Simply holding the door on the way into work, or offering to make some one a cup of tea may make such a difference to them. So, ask yourself – what did you do today that may have made someone smile?

Inspirational Quote Be The Reason

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