Mindful Fun

I was watching my son a couple of weeks ago, outside playing with his friend. They were detectives, hunting for a way into a house, then to get to the basement, where surely there would be a treasure chest. They had nothing but their imaginations, no costumes, no gadgets but they were in a world where they were Sherlock Holmes, or Pokemon hunters, ready to face the wild and the fun just radiated out of them.

As a child I can remember being outside for hours and hours, either on my own or with friends completely immersed in the world we had created. There might have been a few old pans if we had created a house, or a sheet to make a den but quite often it was us, in the present moment completed focussed on what we were doing. Hours and hours would pass without a care in the world.

And then we grew up. Work and responsibilities took hold and there was no time for mindful play.

As adults it is so easy to let our day responsibilities drive a wedge between us and fun. When was the last time you were so focused on a fun activity you completely lost all thought of what was going on around you. As a parent, sure you have fun but that fun comes with vigilance, and anxiety that even though you know your kid is strapped in safely as he climbs the wall what happens if something happens. Never do you think, what happens if nothing happens?

My mindfulness mission for this week is to have some mindful fun. Something that takes my focus to one thing, settled my scattered thoughts and calms my mind. I am not sure what that fun thing may be. It could be a mindful walk along the trail, taking in the noises of the birds and the smells of spring, or an hour with my colouring book or a trip to an art gallery.

What would you do ?

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