Let the mind go…

…and the body will follow.

There is a hashtag that is commonly used on Instagram and Twitter within the yoga community that reads #everymillimeterisprogress. If I were to have a favourite hashtag then this would be it because it is so true. Yoga is not about getting your body to perform advanced postures within a set amount of time. Yoga is a constant work of progress and more often than not that progress comes a millimetre or two at a time. For those who like quick results may find that frustrating but for me it is one of the things that made me fall in love with yoga. 

I love the fact that you work at yoga and that it gives you focus. Its like playing the piano, you practise your scales and learn to read music and then you tackle Beethoven, not the other way round. 

Never have I come away from a class or ended my home practice thinking “I didn’t do well today”. Yoga is not about crossing a finish line or scoring a goal, it is about connecting your body and mind, believing in your ability to breathe your way from pose to pose whilst incorporating balance and strength. And, a connection that comes millimetre by millimetre is surely better than no connection at all. 

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