Quick Veggie Risotto (v)

And so to day four of National Vegetarian Week; Risotto. 

Many of the meals I cook are one pot wonders and when it gets to this time of the week they are one pot made of any bits of anything that are left in the fridge. 

What’s in there? 

Four spring onions, four chestnut mushrooms, a clove of garlic and a thumb nail sized peice of fresh chilli, all finely sliced. Some fresh peas. Several small florets of brocolli. 80g risotto rice and a half litre of vegetable stock. Any dregs of white wine (ideally around 25ml)  you may have and 25g vegetarian cheese.

Heat a little oil, add the onions, chilli  and rice and stir for a moment before adding a small amount of stock. Add the brocolli, and the wine and allow the liquid to absorb, add half the stock in small amounts at a time before adding the mushrooms & peas. Continue to add the remaining stock until the rice is tender. 

For a perfect risotto the rice should part when you run a wooden spoon through it revealing a clean pan. If it doesn’t and there is some sauce left, simmer for a moment more.  If you fancy some sauce, eat it as it is! 

Add the cheese. Stir well and serve.


Garlic Leaf Omelette (v)

National Vegetarian Week Day 3! 

Deliciously simple, super quick and lovely served with salad, Garlic Leaf Omelette has just two ingredients – eggs and garlic leaves. 

Heat a little oil in a fry pan, arrange the leave in the bottom of the pan, whisk two free range eggs and add to the pan. Cook on a low heat until the egg is set, flip, fold and serve.