We are all mad here…..

But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ said Alice. ‘Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.’

To celebrate Lewis Carroll’s birthday on 27th January Book Fairies Worldwide are leaving copies of his books everywhere!

If you happen to find yourself in Birkdale, Southport this weekend keep your eyes open for a FREE copy of the Penguin Classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

If you find a copy – take a 📸 , tag the photo on Instagram @bookfairies_uk #ibelieveinbookfairies and then settle down, read, enjoy and pass on.

But be careful to not fall down the rabbit hole…….. 🐇 🕳 ♦️♠️♥️♣️

About the book:

Bored on a hot afternoon, Alice follows a White Rabbit down a rabbit-hole without giving a thought about how she might get out. And so she tumbles into Wonderland: where animals answer back, a baby turns into a pig, time stands still at a disorderly tea party, croquet is played with hedgehogs and flamingos, and the Mock Turtle and Gryphon dance the Lobster Quadrille. In a land in which nothing is as it seems and cakes, potions and mushrooms can make her shrink to ten inches or grow to the size of a house, will Alice be able to find her way home again?

Suprises that Floor You.

So, I have had a great day. Booked a day off. Been basically relaxing at my partners house – coffee breaks a little bit of study for by counselling course, more coffee and a lovely chat with his mum. All. Is. Good.

And then………. I saw Facebook Time Hop.

It is 8 years ago today since my beautiful boy arrived to his forever home. But he is not currently here, is his off having amazing adventures with his dad.

Of course I am sad, but the realisation that I had actually forgotten the date was worse. How could forget the day my baby came to me. It’s not a birthday afterall, but you could argue it is a date more significant. I would never forget his birthday, but this day almost passed me by.

And, in a flash my day went from amazing to so sad and I have spent the last two hours thinking about my reaction, how I can ease it and how I can make it better.

How can I make a reaction to something better? I have reflected, I have sat in the moment and nothing has taken away my sadness. However, I have realised that as soon as my sadness appeared I retreated away from the people I know can make me feel better.

I made some texts to those away from me, and I am about to leave my screen and go to those downstairs who are near me.

At the end of the day we need love, people and non-judgement.