Well, my New Years resolution of writing a #FoodFriday post every week along with a #TuesdayBookBlog post every other week has really fallen on its knees. There is a small band of blogs that I read each week and I am always truly amazed that the authors can turn out great post after great post on a weekly basis on top of carrying on with their daily lives.

I am still reading and still cooking. Presently I am halfway through eating a great bowl of homemade chilli reading a great book which, I must admit was chosen solely on its title “Time Travelling with a Hamster“. It isn’t even just a clever title. The book does have a hamster, and a time travelling one at that – albeit at the moment he is a bit of a secondary character as he is missing action after being the subject of a test run on a homemade time machine but I am holding out hope that Alan Shearer (in real life a Newcastle United and England legend, in this context a furry rodent) is happily washing his whiskers and eating a nice piece of cheddar in 1984 rather than being rigid in some space time continuum or spinning uncontrollably down a worm hole with his eyes bulging out of his head.

440px-Read_the_hamster_manual_advertisementThe recent acquirement of our own tiny hamster (a delightful little chap who is quite happy spending his days face down, bum up in a bowl of sunflower seeds, curled up in his nest or hanging off the top bars of his cage like tiny, furry circus performer) lead me to some serious Googling about their habits, how to keep them happy and so on and so forth.

Apparently, hamster fancying (as it is known amongst the more serious of hamster
owner) is a relatively new business brought about by one Albert (coincidentally the name of the main character in Time Travelling with a Hamster) Marsh from Alabama in the US during the 1940’s who saw a gap in the pet market and began furiously breeding the furry little critters. He even produced a Hamster Manual, a weighty tome of some 34 chapters and 20 illustrations dedicated to all things hamster. Hamster Pic .jpg

Of course, now we don’t need to have a one dollar manual sent to us. Google does all the work. Simply type in HAMSTER and you will get pictures, care tips, and all other kinds of hamster related madness such as ¬†hamster fancy dress costumes for humans, hamster hats (for hamsters), a bizarre headline stories of people who take their tiny complainants to sporting events and a blogs allegedly written by hamsters, for hamsters.

The latter has concerned me slightly has given me a little hope. If a bunch of Alan Shearers distant cousins could master the art of writing their own life stories on Tumblr, then surely a little nibbly time travel would be a doddle……watch this space (no pun intended).