Event: A Journey Through the Chakras – Equanimity Studio, Penistone, S.Yorkshire. £20

A guided practice through each of the chakras including posture work, mudra and pranayama with sung Bija mantras to accompany the practice.

Friday 29th March 2019, 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Cost: £20. Booking essential.

For more information contact Equanimity Studio.

I am so excited about this workshop and to hear Catherine of Belightful Music sing. I am sure it will be a special and magical evening combining yoga practice and spiritual song.

Event: Nature & Well-being

For those in the area local to Sheffield you may be interested in this Nature & Well-being event that commenced today.

Sheffield Flourish is an amazing charitable organisation that involves people who live with mental health difficulties.

In October 2017 I was delighted to be asked to speak about my own experiences of poor mental health at their Science of Wellness event in collaboration with the Sheffield Branch of the British Science association and I can vouch for the passion of the team behind the organisation.