Beginners Series Week 6 – Continuing Your Practice

Welcome to week six!

And here we are at week six! Over the last five weeks we have looked at posture, breathing, body scanning, listening, and walking.

As you begin to develop your mindful practice you will start to find that you automatically begin to put all of these aspects together quite naturally. Your spine will become longer, you will walk tall whilst paying attention to your surroundings, your breath will be regular and rhythmical, and you will notice how your body is feeling.

Don’t be disheartened if someday you struggle with any one or all of these aspects. Mindfulness is a work in progress. Some days, even after months of mindful practice my mind remains scattered and I can feel frustrated whilst in practice, other days it comes so naturally and I can find myself happily seated for a long while completely focused on my present place.

Over the coming weeks I would encourage you to keep practicing each one of these exercises and journaling how they made you feel. If you have been keeping a journal since the beginning, go back and compare how your earlier practices felt to how they feel now.

Take the opportunity to have some mindful me time each day, take a short walk at lunchtime and appreciate your surroundings, or go and sit in a quiet corner with your lunch and enjoy it rather than gobbling it down whilst working. Invest in a mindfulness app for your smart phone or download a podcast or even just listen to some relaxing music. Take a bubble bath and just be at one with the warm water. Do some yoga. Go for a walk with friends or play mindfully with your kids………. the possibilities are endless.

Download this lesson as PDF: Beginners Series Week 6 – Continuing Your Practice

Thanks for being with us over the last six weeks.

Have a great mindful journey everyone.